Paseo de los Dragos, 6 - 38400 Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife - España
Teléfono/ Fax: 922 389 555 - Móvil: 659 226 950 - E-M@il
  In order to offer a better and more complete service to our clients we promote and carry out all necessary proceedings for the final exposition of advertising images.
Photography: for commercial and industrial pictures,for advertising and fashion photos we make use of a modern lighting system,for indoor and for exterior shots.
35 mm camera and digital,medium size camera 6x7 and 6x4,5
Aerial photographs:aerial photos can be taken from a helicopter or from a light aircraft,depending on the type of work required.

Filming: Videoreports and documentaries on DVCam,BetaCam and MiniDV digital systems.

Multimedia: Design of multimedial CD’s for all sorts of presentations,with images,photos,maps,descriptive texts and videos.

Design/Layout/printing: in cooperation with a qualified team of professionals we design and produce your publicity for catalogues,folders,books,posters and all types of supporting stands.

Salvador Aznar cooperates with the following organizations:
CF Centro de fotografia Isla de Tenerife
(Photocentre run by the insular council)
This institutional centre attends to compile and support historical and contemporary photography of Tenerife.The worldwide acknowledgment of this institution reflects clearly on the organization of FOTONOVIEMBRE, a biennial exposition showing the most important and avant-gardist within the world of photography.

PLANET Proyectos Integrales,S.L.
This editorial project starts to join communication market in 1990 keeping a strong linking to subjects related to environment and culture.