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  Salvador AznarSalvador Aznar
Spaniard, born 1955 in Tétouan (Morocco), he spent his first years of his infancy roaming the colourful market-stands in this town, taking in the smells of all those exotic spices available here in this extraordinary country. Later, in 1962, at the age of seven years his family moved to the Canary Islands, settling down in Tenerife, presently still residing there.

Having finished High School he took up studying fine arts and technical architec- ture, discovering soon, that with the help of photography, he had found the perfect way to develop his passion for artistic imagery. Since then in his professional career he always had been anxious to express his interests and views on his surroundings with the help of images taken with his cameras.

He started his career as a professional photographer working for local newspapers on Tenerife, where he worked as editor using his photographs to illustrate his own articles, most of them related to the show business and motoring, not forgetting his great passion, documenting ways of human live and various basic activities of humans, such as farming, fishing, manual skills, etc.

In 1981 he made his first contacts with the world of aeronautics as a pupil in the "Aero Club de Tenerife", and in 1984, when starting as a professional photographer he realised he could combine his job with his hobby, so he then spent many hours in planes, and later on also in helicopters, building up a great experience in this line of imagery.

He further on took up travelling as a romantic adventurer and undertook various ex- peditions to Africa, Asia, South America and Europe as a photographer and also filming with video cameras. The images he obtained on these trips where to be the foundations for his own photographic archive, and since 1989 he illustrates his stories and tales of his experiences with the help of these photos in national magazines like: "Auto Aventura 4x4". "Viajar", "Solo Moto", "Antena Semanal", "National Geographic" and other local magazines, such as: "Islas", "Guajara", "Canarias Motor" and "Motor 2000".

As a travelling photographer he also documented his researches on Berber pottery for the Tenerife Museum on Nature and Humans and some of his photos from Africa and South America are exhibited in the showrooms of this museum.

He also contributed to medical and humanitarian expeditions to the Philippines and India.
Right from the beginning of his career as a photographer his essays and articles, as well as his photos have been included in textbooks on educational subjects of various types, and press agencies obtain images from his archives. At present he is working in documenting and illustrating various books about the culture and the geography of the Canary Islands for local editorials and also on some of his own projects.

To get into contact with wider artistic circles he also performed exhibitions of his photographs in important local art galleries, such as the "Galeria Canaria de Arte", "Cactus" and "Parque Cultural Viera y Clavijo".
Further on he involved himself completely in projects undertaken by the "Centro de Fotografia - Isla de Tenerife", participating in all their editions of "FOTONOVIEM- BRE - International Biennial of Photography".
In the year 2006 his images of aerial photographs have been exposed at the Inter- national Centre in the town of San Antonio, Texas.

The latest technologies in imaging and communications invite him to explore new ways to present his works on the "web" and to contact internationally well known firms and to collaborate with important personalities in politics, culture and of arts.